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Tubular Roof Rack for Defender 110 - Suitable for Roll Cages

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Product Details
Manufacturer: Masai
Application: Mounted on the Roof above Rollcage
Suitable Vehicle: Land Rover Defender 110

Tubular Roof Rack for Defender 110 - Suitable for Roll Cages

NOTE: Please read the fitting instructions carefully when assembling and fitting this roof rack to your Defender. It includes advice regarding extending the life of your roof rack and providing rust protection.

  • The extra kit that comes with this roof rack that offers fitment with a roll cage is 8x leg extension brackets plus the bolts. This allows the roof rack to sit above the roll cage, and the legs can still fit behind the roll cage bars and into your gutter line. See photo 3 above for how it works.
  • The Masai Tubular Defender Roof Rack is made of 1" tubular steel (2.5cm).
  • It is zinc plated and then painted with black automotive powder coat paint.
  • This 2.8m version is for the Defender 110.
  • Includes removable bars for sunroof access (see thumbnail photo).
  • All fittings (nuts and bolts) are stainless steel.
  • Self-Assembly and includes fitting instructions.
  • Lights not included but are available as extras HERE.
  • NOTE: Defender 90 and Crew Cab versions coming soon.


PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT YOUR PAINTWORK WHEN POSITIONING THE ROOF RACK. Protect the whole of your roof and roof sides with a blanket and use at least two people to position in place prior to attaching the feet.


  1. LED Work Lights. Powerful CREE LEDs in die-cast aluminium housings. IP67 waterproof.
  2. Rear Roof Access Ladder (Standard Version) (Read More)
  3. OR
  4. Rear Roof Access Ladder (Masai Version) (Read More)
  5. Right Hand Side Lamp Guard (Matches both above versions of ladder)

Additional Fitting Information when adding lights to the Roof Rack

When fitting lights to the roof rack, it is recommended that you remove the bolts securing the front rail to the perpendicular support struts. Put the bolt stem of the light into this hole and then secure with a washer and nut as seen in the image below.

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