NAS LED Lights Land Rover Defender

NAS LED lights for Land Rover Defenders post 1983

Standard and NAS LED Lights Upgrade Kits

NAS LED Lights Land Rover DefenderNow in stock for 2014 we have a standard LED Lights Upgrade Kit for the Land Rover Defender and a NAS style LED Lights Kit for Land Rover Defenders, clear sets and coloured sets for all post 1983 90 and 110, include plinths, E marked (EU approved) and SAE approved.

Why use LED Vehicle Lights?

LED Lights provide increased visibility (brighter than standard bulbs) and they enhance and modernise the look of your Defender, easy to fit DIY.

These NAS LED Lights yet again increase our wide range of Land Rover Defender enhancement accessories, something for which Masai is renowned.


All roof racks back in stock

We apologise for the delay in bringing back our land Rover Defender Roof Racks – they are now back in stock in 3 sizes and two types:


NEW: Air Intake Cover for Land Rover Defenders

New for Nov – Air Intake Cover for Land Rover Defenders

Air Intake Cover for Land Rover Defenders


NEW – Land Rover Defender Seat Covers

New for Autumn 2013 are Land Rover Defender Replacement Seat Covers with optional middle seat covers. Made of soft vinyl leatherette and the lining has a layer of foam covering. Available with a few stitch colour options. Use to replace worn out, torn and scruffy Land Rover Defender seat covers. Land Rover Defender Seat Covers fit all models from 1989 to 2007. Kit includes front seat headrest covers. Front seat part number is DF8907FR. Middle seats part number is DF8907MID.

Replacement Seat Covers for Land Rover Defender 1998 to 2007  DF8907FR. DF8907MID.


NEW – Masai Zeppelin Tinted Bonded Windows

New in for Sept 2013 is the Masai Zeppelin windows – designed and manufactured in-house; these bonded tinted windows are ideal for the Land Rover Defender 90 or 110, but can also be fitted to a campervan, horsebox, minibus or van. Available with matching design tinted bonded quarter light windows, and optional tinted rear door glass. The first photo below compares the Zeppelin with our original Panoramic windows. SEE THE ZEPPELIN.




NEW – Driving Lights

New in Stock  – Driving Lights / Spot Lights / LED Work Light.

HID Spot Lights
LED Work Light 18 watts

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