Puma Bonnets

Puma Bonnets for Land Rover Defender

Puma Bonnet for Land Rover Defender

  • Suitable for all Defenders from 200tdi to Puma models.
  • We have both genuine OEM Land Rover Puma Bonnets made of aluminium (part number BKA710140), and cheaper aftermarket versions – both standard and reinforced.
  • The aftermarket version Land Rover Defender Puma Bonnet is made of GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic with steel fixtures for original fasteners; it is durable and flexible for heavy use. It is light-weight compared to original aluminium Defender bonnets – the net weight is 10KG. Noise transmission is much less than the OEM aluminium version. It will reduce the engine noise.
  • NOTE : Both types are unfinished – meaning they require some filling, primer and top coats of paint.