Masai Panoramic Windows and Defender Colours

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Want to know what our Masai Panoramic Windows look like on different coloured Defenders? There’s 27 colours in this slideshow, including black, white, 4 shades of grey, 5 blues, 5 greens, etc.

Our unique, sleek and modern Defender windows have many benefits including great looks, non-leak, non-rattle, no-drafts, built-in 70% tint, fitted in just a few hours DIY, they’re innovative and exclusive and increase the resale value of your Land Rover Defender.

READ MORE and BUY MASAI PANORAMICS for Land Rover Defenders 90 and 110  – HERE >>>

See PHOTOS of Masai Panoramic windows fitted to various Defenders.

The NEW Full Length 110 Panoramic Windows

Here’s a video we had made recently of a Defender 110 fitted with Full Length Masai Panoramic Windows – which you can BUY HERE >>>

VIDEO – Fitting Masai Panoramic Windows

Here’s a fitting Video. You can fit Masai Panoramic Windows to your Land Rover Defender in just a few hours – back on the road the same day, as the special silicone adhesive sticks permanently quite quickly. Full written instructions and video HERE >>>