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DYNAMAT Hoodliner Heat and Sound Insulation (1 sheet per box)

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Product Details
Manufacturer: Dynamat
Application: Heat and Sound Insulation

DYNAMAT Hoodliner Heat and Sound Insulation (1 sheet per box)

Insulate against heat and noise.

  • Contents: 1 x 32" x 54" x 0.75" (813mm x 1372mm x 19mm) piece of bonnet liner
  • Sheet Total Coverage: 12 ft¬¨‚⧠(1.11 m¬¨‚â§).
  • Thickness: 3/4".
  • Peel and Stick Application.
  • Oil and Water Resistant.
  • Application: under the bonnet.
  • Fitting Service - Call for a quote.

We recommend DYNAMAT Hoodliner Heat and Sound Insulation as a solution to cut down on engine noise and vibration for the underside of the bonnet. It will also keep out the winter frost and prevent paint fade due to engine heat. The DYNAMAT Hoodliner is an acoustic “sound soaker” foam with an aluminised reinforced skin that is oil and water resistant, and cleanable. The high-tack self-adhesive material is of adequate size for most vehicle bonnets.

Main Benefits:

  • Absorbs excessive engine noise and vibration.
  • Block unwanted heat.
  • Protect paint finish.

The DYNAMAT Hoodliner is made from 3/4″ acoustic sound soaker foam with a reinforced, reflective aluminised skin, which is cleanable, oil and water resistant and provides 97% heat reflection. The DYNAMAT Hoodliner has a high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive for easy peel and stick application.

The DYNAMAT Hoodliner has a combination of open and closed cells to accept sound waves and dissipate them. If all of the foam cells were open, sound waves would simply pass through. Conversely, if all of the foam cells were closed, few sound waves would be absorbed. The DYNAMAT Hoodliner’s acoustic foam is cast in sheets, achieving consistent resistivity levels throughout the foam. Thus, maximum sound absorption is assured.

NOTE: The DYNAMAT Hoodliner provides maximum noise control when applied over DYNAMAT Xtreme.

Installation Guide:

Cut to size of target area with a pair of scissors or razor knife and peel and stick to the underside of the bonnet. Make sure area is free from dirt, oil and debris first.

Overview of Sound, Heat and Vibration Insulation with DYNAMAT

Our much-loved Defenders can be on the noisy side at times; however, the good news is that this can be alleviated. There are no quick fixes and if you want the problem solved properly it requires a bit of work, but in the end, you’ll be happier with the vast improvement in the quality of the drive.

At Masai, we use and recommend DYNAMAT sound proofing products which provide the absolute best result than other alternatives on the market. DYNAMAT has been made in the USA for the past 20 years.

Unwanted noise is created within most vehicles, especially the Land Rover Defender. This occurs across most parts of the vehicle, such as the doors, the engine bay etc. All of which need to be treated using several different methods to achieve worthwhile results.

Masai offer three main Dynamat products:

We recommend a combination of DYNAMAT Extreme and Dynaliner, or all three.

DYNAMAT Xtreme and Dynaliner both reduce heat and noise. DYNAMAT is best for reducing noise, but also reduces heat, Dynaliner is best for heat, but also reduces noise. A combination of the two as recommended provides you with great thermal resistance for a super cool, quiet, solid drive.

The Final Result

Vast improvements will be noticeable straight away in the quality of drive. Noise, vibrations and rattles will be significantly reduced within the vehicle. You’ll hear more from your music, and achieve better, clearer bass. Insulation will help reduce heat loss via the roof, however your vehicle will also be cooler in the summer.

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