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Headlining / Roof Lining Kit for Land Rover Defender 90 (5pc Kit)

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Manufacturer: Masai
Suitable Vehicle: Defender 90 Station Wagon / Hard Top
Sold As: 5 Piece Kit + Fittings

Headlining / Roof Lining KIT for Land Rover Defender 90 Station Wagon / Hardtop

These Masai Headlinings for the Land Rover Defender 90 are manufactured by highly experienced automotive trimming craftsmen. The shell/body is made of a special GRP which is more rigid and longer-lasting than the orginal Defender lining. The plush suede-effect lining is glued and pressed to the special GRP body in one process at high temperature and under pressure making it both luxuriously good looking and hard wearing.

NOTE: This product will remain IN STOCK to allow you to order, however there *may* be a 4-6 week lead time. Your chosen colour choice is most likely available right away, in that case you will receive within 2-5 working days after making payment. You're welcome to call us and enquire about which colours we have available now.

This Defender 90 Headlining Kit includes:

  • Front Piece (Not for Defenders with a sunroof, although a suitable hole can be easily cut out to accommodate)
  • Rear Piece (LH and RH)
  • Connector Strip for Rear - to cover the join
  • Rear Telephone Piece
  • 20x Fir Tree Clips - to be fitted into the predrilled holes on the headlining for Defender PUMAs. If your Defender is pre 2007, then you will need to make new holes to match the ones in your roof.
  • Fir Tree Clip Adhesive Coverings - We supply a sheet of adhesive fabric with cut-outs, that allow you to stick onto the fir trees to match the colour to the headlining. (See photo in the thumbnails above) - These come supplied for ALL 10 different colours!


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Masai Headlining Features and Benefits

  • Our Defender 90 roof linings / headlinings are manufactured by Masai craftsmen; highly experienced in the automotive trimming business.
  • All our headlining shells are produced exactly to the Land Rover roof lining shape.
  • Made from special GRP, which gives a much better rigidity than the Land Rover thermoplastic biscuit material. This will also provide a much longer lasting roof lining, and will no longer absorb any roof condensation that causes the common problem of sagging over time.
  • Our headlinings have a plush suede-like finish for that extra touch of style and is hand glued to each individual roof section.

Genuine Land Rover Part Numbers

The original Land Rover part numbers for the BLACK version are as follows:

  • LR077717 - Front Headlining section (No sunroof cut out)
  • LR063678 - Back Headlining section
  • LR063680 - Telephone Piece

Optional Extras

We think you may also be interested in these optional extras which you can see below and separately add to your shopping cart. Scroll down to "You May Also Like" section.

  • Pair of Sun Visors - add new sunvisors covered to match your headlining colour choice.
  • Pair of Alpine Window Inserts - If you do not have factory-fitted Alpine windows, we highly recommend you buy these optional Alpine window inserts to fill the gaps inside of the roof. If you do have Alpine windows our headlinings accommodate the windows and you do not need these optional inserts.
  • Pair of Windscreen Finishers/ A-Post Trim Covers - either uncovered or covered to match your headlining colour choice.
  • Billet Aluminium Internal A-Post Grab Handle - a high-quality billet aluminium grab handle, easy to fit on to the A-Post. (Black or silver)
  • Interior Lamp with Switch Assembly - replace or add interior lights to your headlining. Brighten up the interior when needed, they fit to front and the middle of the headlining. The interior lamp fitting and it's bracket will also help secure the roof lining properly. ADD TWO - for front and middle.
  • Interior Lamp Bracket - to enable you to attach the interior lamp assembly to the headlining. ADD one for each lamp required.
  • Alternative LED Bulb for the Interior Lamp - The interior lamp assembly mentioned above comes complete with a filament bulb, so this optional long-life LED bulb will upgrade the lamp. ADD TWO if buying two lamp assemblies.
  • Wiring Loom for the Interior Lamp Assembly - to wire-up the optional interior lamps/lights. ADD TWO if buying two lamp assemblies.
  • Internal Rear Grab Handles - You may also need a pair of these grab handles to help secure the telephone piece above the rear door. Billet Aluminium and ABS versions.
  • Internal Window Trims


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  1. First, remove your old headlining, the telephone piece first, then the back section and interior lights, the sun visors, the rear-view mirror then the front section.
  2. When fitting our headlining, start from the front and work backwards.
  3. Fit the front piece using the fir trees provided in your kit.
  4. Fit the left hand and right side pieces in the back the same way.
  5. Fit the telephone piece.
  6. Fit the metal strip provided that covers the split down the middle of the rear section.

If your existing holes don't match up with our headlining, then you will need to drill additional holes (I'd suggest you drill the holes in the headlining to match your Defender, instead of drilling in the Defender roof to match our headlining). We purposefully covered all the pre-drilled holes with material for this reason.

Defenders have changed a lot over the years and Land Rovers kept messing with the holes locations!

If you are upgrading your Defender from a Van to a Station Wagon we would recommend that you purchase the interior lamp the new roof lining will have a hole cut out for it. The interior lamp fitting and it's bracket will also help secure the roof lining properly.

You may also need a pair of grab handles to help secure the telephone piece above the rear door (sold separately).

If you would like some help, we offer a fitting service for this product, please call us on 01543 254507 for a quote.

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