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Puma Style Bonnet for Land Rover Defender - GRP Fibreglass

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Puma Style Bonnet for Land Rover Defender

WARNING: As this bonnet is made of much lighter GRP (Fibreglass), it is not as strong as the steel Land Rover bonnets. Therefore we advise that during use, please be careful when you shut the bonnet and do not slam it shut.

  • Suitable for all Defenders from 200tdi to Puma models.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This Defender Puma bonnet is made of GRP with black gel coat (RAL 9005) as standard however will require suitable preparation - some filling, priming and final painting. When painting do not bake at too high a temperature. We do not recommend fitting as is.
  • Available in two versions - Standard and Reinforced (see thumbnail photos on the right)
  • This aftermarket Land Rover Defender Puma Bonnet is made of Glass Reinforced Plastic with steel fixtures for the original fasteners; it is durable and flexible for heavy use.
  • It is light-weight compared to original aluminium Defender bonnets - the net weight is 10KG.
  • Noise transmission is much less than the aluminium versions. It will reduce the engine noise.

200TDI Defender Owners ATTENTION

This coolant tank pointed to above, needs to be moved away from the side of the wings so that it does not impede the movement of the bonnet. We recommend that you use a U-Shaped bracket shown in the photo above to space out the coolant tank so the bonnet can correctly shut.


Bonnet Stay Kit Option

We also provide the option to include the TD5 Bonnet Stay Kit as an option. If you are upgrading your bonnet from a 200TDi/300TDi with the scissor bonnet stay to a GRP PUMA bonnet you will need this stay kit as your old bonnet stay will not be compatible. TD5 bonnets may also have this PUMA stay kit, so just check what you have already.

Part Numbers in the Kit:

  • ASU710040
  • ASU710050
  • PRC3180
  • AYA10004L
  • ALR7187

Land Rover Bonnet Raised 3D Lettering Decal Kit Option (genuine Land Rover parts hence the high relative price)

This bonnet decal kit includes the letters:

  • L A N D - (part no. DAB500290)
  • R O V E R - (part no. DAB500300)
  • 3D lettering.
  • Available in Silver, Chrome, Gloss Black and Matte Black.

We can also supply these fittings as extras (see thumbnail diagram)

  • Hinges Kit (genuine Land Rover parts)
  • Striker and Hook Kit (not genuine Land Rover parts)

REVIEWS - Sept 2016

I was very pleased to receive my Puma style reinforced plastic bonnet which arrived yesterday. I delayed opening of the package until today when I could clear space to penetrate the "armour coating" package and reveal the product for the first time. Seldom have I seen such a well wrapped and protected purchase. Upon opening, I wiped down the bonnet to clear a small amount of dust, which I assumed was left after manufacture and storage.

To my delight the bonnet was in perfect condition. I had anticipated that time would be required to fill minor holes and finish off the surfaces for paint preparation . However, there is no work at all to be done on the top or underside and, since my final colour will be Land Rover Jarva Black, I am tempted to fit the bonnet without painting. The finish is just so good that I would require an expert to tell that the part had not been painted.

I discussed the need to paint with Ferzan in your technical department who was extremely helpful, patient and a fine ambassador for your company.

In short, this was an excellent purchase of a reasonably priced, high quality component. Many thanks for your kind help and super service. Kind regards. Alan Crossley.

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