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Masai® designs & manufactures an exclusive range of high-quality enhancement upgrades & parts for Land Rover Defenders, e.g. windows, head-linings, roof racks, seat covers, carpets, steps, winch bumpers, lights, and much much more. Based in central England with global shipping. Read More.

Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Adhesive Tube - Black

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Soudal Fix ALL High Tack Adhesive Tube - 290ml

This adhesive has many uses, we use for securing our Masai Sport Bonnet Scoop, we also use it on our framed windows and tubular roof racks.

Sorry this adhesive is UK ONLY SHIPPING

Fix ALL High Tack is a super strong sealant and adhesive that offers exceptional initial tack and impressive final bond strength. Whether it's indoor or outdoor applications, it performs reliably in any weather conditions. High Tack is the ultimate choice for heavy-duty bonding tasks, seamlessly compatible with a wide range of construction materials, even in wet conditions. Its remarkable effectiveness extends to its sealing capabilities, making it suitable for various sanitary sealing jobs. Experience the unmatched power and versatility of High Tack for all your bonding and sealing needs.


For all bonding, sealing and filling applications where initial grab and final bond strength is important. Heavy duty bonding and sealing in all weather conditions, on most surfaces. Also suitable for bonding porous natural stone surfaces, such as marble and limestone. Sanitary sealing and bonding.

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE UK: Sorry, we cannot ship this adhesive outside the UK due to customs issues, please do not order. You will need to source it locally.


  • Super strong
  • Press firmly for instant grab
  • Mould resistant - XS1 fungicide
  • ALL materials, ALL surfaces (except on PE, PP and PTFE)
  • Remains flexible
  • Primerless adhesion
  • Over paintable
  • All weather use
  • Virtually odourless
  • Interior and exterior applications.

Technical Data

  • Basis SMX Hybrid Polymer
  • Consistency Stable paste
  • Curing system Moisture curing
  • Skin formation* (23C/50% R.H.) Ca. 5 min
  • Curing speed * (23C/50% R.H.) 3 mm/24h
  • Hardness** 65 ± 5 Shore A
  • Density 1,47 g/ml
  • Elastic recovery (ISO 7389)** > 75 %
  • Maximum allowed distortion 20 %
  • Max. tension (ISO 37)** 3,20 N/mm
  • Elasticity modulus 100% (ISO 37)** 2,30 N/mm
  • Elongation at break (ISO 37)** 400 %
  • Temperature resistance** -40C - 90C
  • Application temperature 5 to 35C

* These values may vary depending on environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and type of substrates.

** This information relates to fully cured product.

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Welcome to the Masai® eStore. We design and manufacture a wide range of high-quality vehicle upgrades, enhancement accessories and parts for the Land Rover Defender, 90, 110, and 130, particularly glass and windows; but have a look around our website – we also have roof racks, spare wheel carriers, headlinings, interior trims, seat covers, side steps, rear steps, lamp guards, tree sliders, Winch Bumpers, and LED lights etc.

One of our flagship products is our own-design Masai® Bonded Tinted Panoramic Windows for the Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and 110 2-Door. The dark-tinted toughened glass side panel windows increase your Defender’s privacy, security and value! As featured on exclusive Nene Overland Defender Icons.

Vehicle Lights – LED, Driving Lights and Headlights

We have a large range of premium-quality Driving Lights, Work Lights and Spot Lights. Some are modern low-power-consumption LED Lights, and others are high-luminosity Xenon HID vehicle lights. All lights are harsh environment compliant to IP65 or IP67. Rugged waterproof diecast aluminum housings (some ABS), spot beam and flood beam, various wattages from 15 to 150 and a wide voltage range from 9v to 32v. We also sell NAS LED lights for Land Rover Defenders, clear, coloured and smoked sets for all post 1983 90 and 110, include plinths, E marked (EU approved) and SAE approved. They provide increased visibility (brighter than standard bulbs) and they enhance and modernise the look of your Defender, easy to fit DIY.