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We design and manufacture Land Rover Defender Differential Guards. Diff guards protect vehicle differentials from rock and tree root damage, etc. Fits all standard Land Rover axles front or rear – all Defenders 90, 110, 130, series II/III, Discovery and Range Rover Classic. We have Heavy Duty 5mm thick versions and standard 3mm versions – although we are now only selling the 3mm on eBay, and the 5mm here.

High tensile carbon steel with high quality zinc galvanised plating. High strength construction with superior clean welding laser-cut.  Very easy to fit without any drilling, and it can be transferred to other vehicles. The kits include two 8 mm x 70 mm cylindrical allen key bolts with heavy gauge zinc plating and two self-locking nuts with nylon inserts.

Double Din Conversion Console - Defender TD5 (2002-2007)

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Double Din Conversion Console - Defender TD5 (2002-2007)

Two colour options available:

  • Matt Black
  • Brunel Silver

Suitable Vehicles:

  • Defender - 2002-2007 TD5

Corresponds to single - DIN FWJ000110LQV

This TD5 Double DIN Console replaces the factory-fit Defender Td5 radio fascia with an exclusive one-piece design that allows you to easily upgrade the original single DIN radio set-up to a double DIN head unit. The original radio fascia fitted is a fragile unit prone to breakage thanks to a flimsy and poorly designed two-piece assembly that can barely support the weight of the single DIN head unit. Typically, the separate centre panel containing the head unit/radio will break loose from the main console.

Fitting is a simple DIY upgrade that uses the factory fixings and requires no cutting, drilling or modifications to be made to your dashboard. Simply remove your old console, replace with the new console and enjoy the benefits and features of the larger screens found on modern double DIN head units. The console was engineered using CAD 3D scanning technology and uses an injection moulded manufacturing process for a factory fit appearance and a perfect fit every time.

A design detail we've incorporated is to increase the diameter of the recess that houses the standard cigar lighter style 12v socket. This increase in the recess diameter has been made to accommodate the popular Bluesea marine grade power sockets.


Will my X,Y,Z head unit fit this TD5 Console?
When creating the console we discovered that there are variations in the size of double DIN Head units. Whilst single DIN is an industry standard, double DIN is a general term for head units which are ‘roughly’ double in size. We therefore made the hole slightly smaller than the majority of double DIN head units in order for our console to accommodate as many head units as possible. We advise you take note of the measurements below before purchasing to ensure the console will fit your head unit. The hole can be trimmed in order to fit slightly larger head units. The dimensions of the hole in the Td5 Console are 108mm x 180mm.

Will the Double DIN Console fit the pre-2002 Defender models?
No. The 2002 - 2007 dashboard differs from the pre-2002 model of Defender by using a one-piece dashboard tray/vent panel moulding that the radio console attaches to. Without this (now obsolete) dashboard moulding there is nothing in the earlier Defender to attach the Td5 Double DIN Console to.

My original TD5 Console doesn’t have a radio fitted but instead has a large pocket where the radio would go. Can I remove this pocket and fit a Double DIN head unit into the space?

No. The hole in the factory console is not a Double DIN size.

What’s in the box?
The Td5 Defender Console comes complete with full colour instructions (Note you will need to re-use the factory fixings and your existing switch retainer.)

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