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DYNAMAT Xtreme, Bulk Pak, 9 sheets - Sound Vibration and Insulation - 457mm x 812mm (36ft²)

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DYNAMAT Xtreme, Bulk Pak, 9 sheets - Sound Vibration and Insulation - 451mm x 812mm (36ft²)

Create a solid, luxury car feel with incredible sound.


  • This is just enough to cover the whole roof of a Defender 110. So will have some left over for a Defender 90 you can use on doors etc!

DYNAMAT Xtreme is the highest efficiency energy conversion, sound deadener available on the market today! Xtreme is a self-adhesive, elastomeric “space age” synthetic rubber with a heavy 4mm aluminium constraining layer. The super sticky rubber and heavy aluminium stretches and contours better than any other product on the market.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduce road noise.
  • Stop Resonance, vibrations, buzzles and rattles.
  • Hear music as its meant to be heard, better bass, reduced speaker distortion.

DYNAMAT Xtreme is a black butyl based core with 4 mil aluminum constrain layer, and craft paper release liner. It is used to line the panels and bonnet of vehicles to reduce sound and vibration.

  • Contents: (9x Sheets) 18″x 32″ (457mm x 812mm) pieces of Dynamat Xtreme.
  • Total sheet coverage: 36 ft² (3.34m²).
  • Weight per sheet: 1kg.
  • Thickness: 1/16".
  • Application: Doors, floor, bonnet, the boot and the roof.
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Fitting Service

Call for a quote for - Complete Vehicle Fitting, Doors, Roof Lining, Back of Vehicle.

Overview of Sound, Heat and Vibration Insulation with DYNAMAT

Our much-loved Defenders can be on the noisy side at times; however, the good news is that this can be alleviated. There are no quick fixes and if you want the problem solved properly it requires a bit of work, but in the end, you’ll be happier with the vast improvement in the quality of the drive.

At Masai, we use and recommend DYNAMAT sound proofing products which provide the absolute best result than other alternatives on the market. DYNAMAT has been made in the USA for the past 20 years.

Unwanted noise is created within most vehicles, especially the Land Rover Defender. This occurs across most parts of the vehicle, such as the doors, the engine bay etc. All of which need to be treated using several different methods to achieve worthwhile results.

Masai offer three main DYNAMAT products:

  • DYNAMAT Xtreme - Sound Deadener.
  • Dynaliner - Thermal Insulator (Good for the roof)
  • DYNAMAT Hoodliner - Sound Soaker foam (For under the bonnet)

We recommend a combination of DYNAMAT Extreme and Dynaliner, or all three.

DYNAMAT Xtreme and Dynaliner both reduce heat and noise. DYNAMAT is best for reducing noise, but also reduces heat, Dynaliner is best for heat, but also reduces noise. A combination of the two as recommended provides you with great thermal resistance for a super cool, quiet, solid drive.

The Final Result

Vast improvements will be noticeable straight away in the quality of drive. Noise, vibrations and rattles will be significantly reduced within the vehicle. You’ll hear more from your music, and achieve better, clearer bass. Insulation will help reduce heat loss via the roof, however your vehicle will also be cooler in the summer.

Installation Guide:

Use a pair of scissors or razor knife to cut DYNAMAT to the desired size and shape before removing the release liner. Next, remove dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter from the application surface. Peel off the release liner. The simplest application technique is to bend the mat slightly and attach it along its shortest edge. Press the mat firmly into place. The temperature of the mat and application surface should not be below room temperature during fitting. Heating the material is not necessary.

DYNAMAT Xtreme Description:

DYNAMAT is a patented, lightweight elastomeric butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibration damper. DYNAMAT conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates. Material performance is optimized for temperature ranges between 14°F and 140°F (- 10°C to +60°C). Material can withstand temperature extremes between -65°F and +300°F (-54°C to +149°C) and is highly resistant to aging.

Discover the DYNAMAT Difference:

You want to consider several things when you compare DYNAMAT to other materials. DYNAMAT exceeds other materials because of proprietary VECTOR™ Chemistry and damps better at an extended higher temperature range. DYNAMAT does not absorb moisture and is not affected by oil. Its elastometric “space age” synthetic rubber will stay intact under foot and sticks to overhead, vertical and oily surfaces. It is much easier to do a better job with DYNAMAT’s larger sheets of 3, 4 and 8 square feet while imitators can have less than 2 square feet. DYNAMAT is and has been made in the USA for over 20 years. We guarantee it!

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