Masai Land Rover Defender Panoramic Windows

Our Defender Headlinings / Roof Linings are manufactured by gluing and pressing the lining to the support in one process at high temperature and under pressure making it both luxuriously good looking and hard wearing. Manufactured to the approved Land Rover specification, including the thermo-press process.

All nine of our colours have a plush suede-like finish for that extra touch of style. We offer Headlinings for the Defender 90, Defender 110, and Defender 110 Crew Cab. We will be looking into manufacturing for the Defender 90 Crew Cab in the near future.

Kit includes fir tree clips for fitting. They are pushed through the holes in the linings into the existing holes in the roof.

We also offer additional optional extras including the interior light and its assembly, to fit into the hole cut out in the middle of the headlinings (as you can see in photos). Fitting these lights can also help to reduce sag in the middle section. We also sell grab handles to fit above the rear door which place inside the headlining as well.

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