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Red Booster Servo Clutch Kit - All Defender Models (LHD/RHD)

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Red Booster Servo Clutch Kit - All Defender Models (LHD/RHD)

The Red Booster servo clutch kit makes your Defenders clutch much easier to press.

Fitting instructions included in the box.

This kit will make your driving a more pleasurable experience and reduce the effort you'd normally put in from driving your Defender. No more painful knees or feet when you are stuck in slow-moving traffic! Designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, Red Booster is a mechanism system that makes it possible for all Defenders to have a servo-assisted clutch.

Working in a similar way to the braking system with a servo-assisted system, it is mounted between the pedal and master cylinder and uses a vacuum from the inlet manifold to reduce the amount of pressure needed on the pedal to operate the clutch.

The left-hand drive version - works similar to the right-hand drive system. The location of the clutch pedal of a left-hand drive Defender is on the far corner of the vehicle and with hardly any space the entire unit had to be redesigned to fit without cutting and drilling your vehicle.

"The next best thing to having an automatic when crawling along"
John Pearson - LRO editor-in-chief

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