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Panoramic Tinted Windows Full Length for Land Rover Defender 110 2-Door Hardtop

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Panoramic Tinted Windows Full Length for Land Rover Defender 110 2-Door Hardtop - Fixed or Side Sliding.

us flag USA / canada flag CANADA CUSTOMERS: We cannot ship with the fitting kit due to customs restrictions. You will need to source your own silicone adhesive. We recommend at least 300ml x 3 of silicone to fit the sides and quarter light windows. NOTE: Our Panoramic windows will only fit Defenders POST 1989.

  • Each side comprises two pieces of glass (Main side piece & extension glass) whether you choose the fixed or side sliding versions.
  • The full length Panoramic glass is split into two pieces, as the side panels for the 2-door Defender are very long. (Length: 214cm & Height: 52cm)
  • Extension Glass dimensions are: 723mm (W) x 513mm (H)
  • The slide opening version has an internal aluminium window frame (painted black) which houses lockable sliding windows, the other piece of glass is not a window and just a continuation of the dark tinted side window; together the two pieces cover the entire length of a 110 hardtop rear.
  • Optional extras - Bonded Tinted Quarter light windows and tinted Rear Door Glass.
  • Innovative and exclusive, future-proof design.
  • Slide-opening version has a high-quality high-security window locking system.
  • Price is for both sides of glass - offside and nearside.
  • 70% no-light transmission factory prepared privacy tint.
  • E43R approved 4mm toughened safety glass.
  • Complies with European Commission Directive 2001/92/EC, Regulation No 43 of the UN/ECE.
  • Reflects heat and reduces glare.
  • Premium build quality.
  • Leak proof, draft proof.
  • Kit includes both sides of glass (4 pieces), primer, a special silicone adhesive, template and fitting instructions.
  • Silicone adhesive heat tolerance is minus 40 to plus 90 degrees C.
  • Fitted in just a few hours DIY.
  • The size of the aperture needed is 1057mm x 427mm - which is the Land Rover standard size for Defender rear side windows.
  • Fits all Land Rover Defender 110 2-Door Hardtops (See photos), if you have another type just call and we can discuss.

REAR GLASS NOTE : If you also purchase the Rear Door Glass - carefully remove the existing rear door glass without damaging the rubber - as you will need to re-use the rubber. Carefully remove brake light including brackets from old glass as you will need to glue to new glass.


  1. Slide-opening side window OR Fixed side window (no side opening window).
  2. Tinted Rear Door Glass - With or without.
  3. Pair of matching Bonded Tinted Quarter Light Windows - With or without.
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