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Here we have a wide selection of vehicle lights / work lights / driving lights / LED spot lights / flood lights / LED Light Bars and interior LED Lights. We have high luminosity LED lights and ultra bright Xenon HID lights, some are IP65 and some are IP67 compliant. Some have housings made of diecast aluminium and others are ABS plastic. Most have a wide voltage ranges.

We also have a range of NAS LED lights for Land Rover Defenders, clear sets and coloured sets. These Land Rover Defender NAS LED lights are for all post 1983 90 and 110, include front and rear NAS LED Lights with plinths, are waterproof to IP67, E marked (EU approved) and SAE approved, provide increased visibility (brighter than standard bulbs) and they enhance and modernise the look of your Defender, easy to fit DIY.

We also have a dedicated website for LED and HID Vehicle lights. See individual specifications for details. Call if you have any questions.

24-LED 12V Awning/Scene Light GREY 640lm IP66

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24-LED 12V Awning/Scene Light GREY 640lm IP66

This is the perfect lighting source for an awning, Land Rover Defender or caravan. 24 LED lights give 640 lumens of of illumination.

The LED Unit is IP66 rated. The length of the LED lamp is 500mm and the whole unit is contained within an aluminium casing that can be fixed to any flat surface on the outside of your vehicle. The LED lamp casing is supplied in a white finish but can be painted to match your vehicle for a more stealth-like installation. The LED lamp is connected using two wires but does require a separate switch – not supplied.

Removing the plastic end caps from the main aluminium housing allows the LED lamp module to slide along the housing to reveal the concealed fixing points. The end caps can be re-attached once the housing is fixed securely in place on your vehicle.

Please note that with the end caps in place the overall footprint of the LED lamp measures 593mm x 43mm.

The LED Lamp fits perfectly above the rear washer jet on the back of a Land Rover Defender to create an ideal solution for illuminating your roof tent awning. Fitted to the side of your vehicle or camping trailer the lamp can be utilised for illuminating seating or camp kitchen areas.

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