LED and HID vehicle lights

Here we have a wide selection of vehicle lights / work lights / driving lights / LED spot lights / flood lights / LED Light Bars and interior LED Lights. We have high luminosity LED lights and ultra bright Xenon HID lights, some are IP65 and some are IP67 compliant. Some have housings made of diecast aluminium and others are ABS plastic. Most have a wide voltage ranges.

We also have a range of NAS LED lights for Land Rover Defenders, clear sets and coloured sets. These Land Rover Defender NAS LED lights are for all post 1983 90 and 110, include front and rear NAS LED Lights with plinths, are waterproof to IP67, E marked (EU approved) and SAE approved, provide increased visibility (brighter than standard bulbs) and they enhance and modernise the look of your Defender, easy to fit DIY.

We also have a dedicated website for LED and HID Vehicle lights. See individual specifications for details. Call if you have any questions.

LED Vehicle Light Bars - 100 to 200 Watts

100 to 200 Watts LED Vehicle Light Bars

LED Vehicle Light Bars from 100 to 200 Watts. High intensity Epistar LEDs are energy efficient compared to filament or halogen lights and CREE LEDs are even more powerful and energy efficient than Epistar LEDs.

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