My Land Rover Defender headlining is sagging and how can I fix it.

By | 10th January 2024

Why your Land Rover Defender headlining is sagging and how you can fix it.

As Defender owners we all know the interior deteriorates over time, with seats getting torn, door cards battered, and most of us have experienced the dreaded sagging headlining. The unseemly sight of a headlining encroaching on your head is one of the most frustrating things you can see as you drive your pride and joy. The cause is simple yet frustrating, but thankfully as Defender specialist we’ve experienced this too many times and have found the solutions so you don’t have to suffer too.

Why does your Defender Headlining sag?

Headlining sag can occur for a number of reasons like wear and tear over the years but it also occurs over the winter months or during periods of intense wet weather. This can cause the glue layer that bonds the headlining material to the base to dry out or oversaturate leading to the material separating from the base. Then gravity takes over and does the rest. Leaving you with a headlining that is more like an inflated balloon than the inside of a Defender.

How to fix your Land Rover Headlining?

One of the easiest ways to put the headliner back into its place yourself is to use glue. It will best work if the fabric is sagged partially, like in a corner or around the edges. That being said you must use a special headlining adhesive because ordinary glue will be of no use.

This can be a very tricky job to do in-situ. Getting the glue in place between the material and the base of the headlining is a fiddly and messy job, it will definitely put your interior at risk too. Alternatively removing the headlining completely from the vehicle and re-trimming the headlining yourself is an option but can be a time consuming and tricky process. Not to mention that if it’s not perfect it will sag again.

Upgrade your headlining with Masai 4×4 headlinings

We take pride in our high-quality Defender Headlinings/Roof Linings that are both stylish and hard-wearing, so you can enjoy a luxurious finish that will stand the test of time. Manufactured to the approved Land Rover specification, Masai Defender Headlinings are crafted using high-quality fibreglass which provides additional rigidity to prevent the sagging that you may get with the factory fitted headlining product.

  • Manufactured by us to Land Rover specifications
  • High quality fibreglass base
  • Plush suede finish

We manufacture replacement Headlinings for:

Masai Defender Headlinings have a plush suede-like finish and are available in ten colours.

  • Alston (Black)
  • Stornaway (Dark Grey)
  • Silver (Light Grey)
  • Coffee (Dark Brown)
  • Cocoa (Medium Brown)
  • Hazel (Light Brown)
  • Honey Beige (Tan)
  • Sandbank (Beige)
  • Luna White (Ivory)
  • Sandstone (Taupe)

Unsure on what colour works for your Defender – Order a Free Swatch kit for Masai Headlinings  

For easy fitting, we include replacement fir tree headlining clips in each headlining kit. Simply push these clips through the holes in the headlining into the existing holes in the roof.

But that’s not all – we also offer a range of optional extras to further customise your Defender’s interior. For example, we offer sun visors, a-posts and interior window trims to match your headlining or an interior light and bracket assembly that fits neatly into the hole cut out in the middle of the Headlining. Installing this light not only adds extra functionality to your vehicle but can also ensure there’s no sagging in the middle section of the Headlining. For improved safety for your passengers, we also sell grab handles that fit neatly above the rear door.

Not enough time to fit your Defender headlining?

Most of our products are easily fitted by a keen DIYer, however we offer an excellent while-you-wait fitting service for those less experienced or without the time or tools.

Our Fitting Centre is at our depot in Hoar Cross, Staffordshire, England.

Just call us before ordering and we can discuss the cost and when it is convenient to bring your vehicle in.

Curious to find out more, watch the – Into to our Headlinings video on our Youtube Channel