Get your Land Rover Defender expedition ready.

By | 29th January 2024

The Top Defender Upgrades for your upcoming Overland Expedition.

With Spring on the horizon we know that you, like us, are starting to think of longer days and the trips that we all dream of as Defender owners. 

In the spirit of longer days and sunnier weather here are our top upgrades for your Land Rover Defender to get you expedition ready this Spring.

1 – Roof Racks

A roof rack gives you a huge amount of extra storage on the top of the vehicle, allowing you to carry larger items like roof tents, kayaks, big containers and much more. This will free up space inside your Defender and keep clutter down to a minimum.

We design and manufacture Roof Racks for the Land Rover Defender 90, 110 and Crew Cab. Defender Roof Racks are available in three lengths 1.5m, 2.15m and 2.8m.

Our flagship roof rack is the Masai Tubular Roof Rack, designed in house, a high-quality product made of 1″ (2.5cm) tubular steel, protected from rust with zinc-plating and then painted with black automotive powder coat. With the addition of stainless steel nuts and bolts, the Masai Tubular Roof Rack is a highly durable, rugged and stylish addition to your go-anywhere Defender.

Masai Defender Roof Racks are easy to assemble and are supplied with fitting instructions.

                             Land Rover Defender 90                                                           Land Rover Defender 110                                                Land Rover Defender Crew Cab

2 – Awnings

Worried about facing the elements when on your expedition? An awning is the perfect way to expand the dry area around your Defender and keep the elements off you. 

The ARB Awning bolts directly to Masai Tubular Roof Racks. 

Specifically designed for harsh wilderness conditions, the awning features anodized height adjustable telescopic legs, Velcro Ties to secure roof, thick reinforced aluminium extrusions all secured and free from the outside elements in a heavy duty nylon reinforced PVC bag.

  • Quick and easy setup – self-standing awning takes 30 seconds to deploy
  • 1000mm water head rating – excellent waterproofing
  • Flexible arm joints – reduce stress and cracking
  • Cool white LED mode – great for cooking and preparation
  • Amber LED mode – great to reduce bugs and mood lighting
  • 1200 lumen, high heat resistant LED’s with aluminium extrusion for heat dissipation
  • Simple storage – secured in a heavy-duty nylon reinforced PVC bag
  • Additional cable storage bag provided for when not in use
  • Water-resistant digital dimmer control – dimmer rated to IP56
  • Hardware included – mounts easily to the side of most roof racks or roof bars
  • Telescopic legs – height adjustable to suit your needs

3 – Roof Ladders

Now you’re saving space and packing your gear on your Roof Rack accessing the newly created storage space is a must. We know you could get up to your roof with the athleticism of an Olympic pole vaulter however, if you can make life easier for yourself why wouldn’t you? Thats why a Roof Rack Ladder is the perfect addition to your Defender to make roof access a breeze. 

A high quality product designed and manufactured by the Masai engineering team. Zinc plated steel with black powder coated finish.

For extra strength and rigidity the Masai ladder has extra heavy duty brackets located at the roof line and tub line where the body of the Defender can be drilled and bolted.

4 – Wheel Steps

Similar to the Roof Rack Ladders a wheel step allows easy access to your roof rack and engine bay. Allowing on the fly maintenance in your engine bay and roof rack access to your Defender.

The Masai Wheel Step is great for gaining easier access to your roof rack, to the engine, and you can use it as a viewing platform and a seat.

  • High strength steel construction.
  • Non-slip chequer plate.
  • 3-stage height adjustment.
  • Convenient folding design.
  • Fits most 4×4 tyres.
  • High quality silver paint with zinc under coating.
  • Maximum weight 150kg.


Building up your Defender for your dream expedition/ overland trip is without doubt a fun part of being a Defender owner! In our experience, what you decide to do to your Defender often changes with age, interests, and experience, and that too is part of the fun.

We hope that these give you some useful ideas for your own kit. We know the gear featured here certainly helps us to be well-equipped and prepared for any adventure we encounter. If you’re looking to explore more of what we offer here at Masai 4×4 be sure to explore our website for more adventure upgrades.